Upcoming Breakdance Performances

Burn Unit has no scheduled performances at this time. Please check back soon.

Black Cloud Battalion (Car Club)

Black Cloud Battalion, Vengeance Camaro, LouZfer Datsun Fairlady 240Z

More than a dance group, Burn Unit’s classic car club meets the third Sunday of every month rain or shine in Norcross from approximately 1-4 pm. For more information, visit www.blackcloudbattalion.com or follow @blackcloudbattalion on Instagram. Atlanta

Classes/Private Instruction

Burn Unit teaches the next generation of b-boys/b-girls, breakdance instruction, dance lesson

After teaching breakdance at Georgia Tech for more than a decade, Burn Unit is currently taking a break from formal instruction. Contact us for private tutorials at our dance studio in Norcross. 

Burn Unit Events

Atlanta's largest international breakdancing competition, All-Targets-Leveled (A.T.L.)

Burn Unit organized numerous events in Atlanta over the past two decades including Battle of the Wits, Dolla and Holla Jams, Women in Hip Hop at the annual A3C Hip Hop Festival and All-Targets-Leveled (A.T.L). Burn Unit does not have any scheduled events at this time.

Book Us

Lady Severe holds a mean freeze. Book Burn Unit for your next event. Engaging entertainment

Burn Unit provides an interactive and engaging entertainment experience. Make your event a complete Hip Hop showcase by adding our live DJs, MCs and graffiti crew! Also available for breakdance workshops, panel discussions and battles – now accepting all challengers!

Book Burn Unit for your next event! Please include date, time and venue for booking queries.

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